What Is The Next Movie After Army Of Thieves?

U.S. release date for movies Army of the Dead status. Released army of crooks Planet of the Dead Octo TBAIn progress

Similarly, How many Army of Thieves movies are there?

Currently, just one Army of Thieves movie is available on Netflix. Release day for the Netflix film was Friday, October 29, 2021. Matthias Schweighöfer appears in Army of Thieves, the precursor to Zack Snyder’s newest zombie-heist film, Army of the Dead, as one of the cast members.

Also, it is asked, Will there be a 3rd army of movie?

The famed filmmaker has announced a third entry in the gore-spattered genre after the success of both his 2004 adaptation of Dawn of the Dead and last year’s Netflix zombie heist smash Army of the Dead.

Secondly, What should I watch first army of dead or Army of Thieves?

Army of Thieves is unquestionably the movie you should see if the idea of breaking into “uncrackable safes” excites you. We do, however, strongly advise that you see Army of the Dead first for some context—indeed, considerable context—in order to avoid scratching your head throughout the film.

Also, Is Army of Thieves a true story?

Hans Wagner (not to be confused with the Danish designer Hans Wegner) is completely imaginary, but German composer Richard Wagner was a genuine person.

People also ask, Is Army of the Dead after Army of Thieves?

Army of Thieves, which naturally takes place before Ludwig is fatefully hired into Scott Ward’s Vegas squad, functions as a prequel rather than carrying on from the events in Army of the Dead.

Related Questions and Answers

What is after army of dead?

Planet of the Dead is the new name for Army of the Dead 2, which is currently in production. Although there aren’t many story elements available right now, filmmaker Zack Snyder has provided some important information about what to anticipate from the impending sequel.

Will there be another army of movie?

Yes! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix approved Army of the Dead 2 back in July, and Zack Snyder said that he is now working on the direct sequel to Army of the Dead in an interview for the Army of Thieves marketing materials.

Is Army of the Dead a sequel to Dawn of the Dead?

The movie is a spiritual continuation of Dawn of the Dead rather than a sequel. Snyder had the idea when Dawn of the Dead was being made and recognized he needed a fresh origin tale to build the storyline and a new manifestation of the living dead.

What order should I watch Army of Thieves?

Even if the films shouldn’t be seen in sequence of chronological importance, I would probably continue to watch Army of the Dead before Army of Thieves. But I can imagine a lot of folks being really perplexed by numerous cliffhangers and zombie-related aspects in Thieves sans Army of the Dead.

Can I watch Army of Thieves without watching Army of the Dead?

Zack Snyder discusses the ‘insane’ sci-fi film Rebel Moon and the newest zombie heist thriller Army of Thieves. The director explains why you can appreciate Army of the Dead’s prequel, which is about a German man who breaks into safes amid the zombie apocalypse, without having seen Army of the Dead. Netflix released the brand-new crime film Army of Thieves on October.

Is heist real?

Is Money Heist a true story or a myth? Money Heist’s plot, which is entirely fictitious and the result of the showrunner Alex Pina’s inventiveness, centers on the Professor and his motley crew of eccentric thieves who pull off the risky, 11-day heist.

Is Dieter still alive?

Although Dieter wasn’t explicitly shown to be dying on film, the framing of the scene implied that he would suffer a terrible end at Zeus’s wrath. However, there are now many good grounds to anticipate that Dieter may appear once again in the franchise’s future.

Is Army of the Dead a series?

2021 Army of the Dead 2021 Army of Thieves

What movie is Army of Thieves a prequel to?

army of crooks Prequel to Army of the Dead

How Army of Thieves connects to Army of the Dead?

Army of the Dead and Army of Thieves are in reality related. Despite the fact that Army of the Dead was already in circulation, the events it portrays happen after Army of Thieves. Considering the timeframe, the primary action of Dead takes place six years before Thieves.

Will there be more prequels to Army of the Dead?

After the popularity of the first movie, Planet of the Dead, the official title of Army of the Dead 2, was announced in July 2021.

Is Dieter a zombie?

The major adversary in Army of the Dead 2 may be an alpha zombie version of master locksmith and safecracker Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer), as the sequel will need antagonists who are more scary and deadly than those in the first installment of the series.

How did Vanderohe get bitten?

The radioactive fallout from the nuclear explosion that destroyed Las Vegas miraculously avoids Vanderohe. The only reasonable explanation for how Vanderohe not only survives radiation poisoning but also manages to travel to Utah and board a plane bound for Mexico is if he was bitten by a zombie.

Was the zombie queen pregnant?

Zeus, the first zombie, is the zombie king, and when his queen passed away, it was discovered that she was expecting. “Asking ourselves all those questions was a ton of fun for us. We all spent some time debating the zombie infant as well “Snyder said.

Will Sebastian Meet Gwen again?

Unfortunately, despite having affections for one another, Sebastian and Gwendoline do not end up together in the film. In Army of the Dead, Sebastian finally travels to California under the alias Dieter, where he meets Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) and Maria Cruz (Ana de la Reguera).

Does Dieter meet Gwen again?

Despite promising Dieter that she would locate him after she escaped from jail, Gwen is absent from Army of the Dead. Even though Army of Thieves claims that the closing scene occurs “sometime later,” it seems that not enough time has elapsed for Gwen to be released or make her way out of jail.

Is Army of the Dead in same universe as Dawn of the Dead?

Army of the Dead being situated in the same world as Dawn of the Dead does make sense, even if this could simply be a cute Easter egg. First off, unlike the typical representations of the undead as sluggish and shambling, both films include very swift and nimble zombies.

What are prequel movies?

A prequel is a narrative work that is published after an already-published work but contains events that occur before the original work. Prequels are distinct from sequels, which take place after an original tale and move through time.

Is Army of Thieves a movie or series?

Shay Hatten penned the script for the 2021 heist comedy Army of Thieves, which Matthias Schweighöfer will direct from a plot he co-wrote with Zack Snyder.

Is Army of the Dead a time loop?

Through observations of what seemed to be a prior unsuccessful robbery attempt at the casino Bly Tanaka, the squad in Army of the Dead first brought the concept of a time loop into the narrative (Hiroyuki Sanada)

Did Sebastian died in Army of the Dead?

The ending of Army of the Dead leaves Sebastian’s fate unresolved. Zack Snyder himself has stated that he may have lived during a chat with Inverse, despite the fact that it is largely assumed that he died away while getting entrance to the vault: “. the true adventure would be to discover what happened to him when that safe door closed.

Is heist Netflix 2021 a true story?

The French heist series is popular with viewers and has become a global force despite not being based on actual events. Assane Diop, portrayed by Omar Sy, is the star of the show and was inspired by Maurice LeBlanc’s Arsene Lupin tales.


The “Army of the dead” is a sequel to the movie “Army of thieves”. It is not yet known if there will be a third movie.

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