When We Believed In Mermaids: A Movie Review

When We Believed In Mermaids is a heartwarming film that will leave you feeling nostalgic for a time when anything seemed possible. Featuring beautiful scenery and a talented cast, this movie is a must-see.

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Javier Bardem and Belen Rueda star in this romantic fantasy about a woman who becomes intrigued by a documentary about mermaids and sets out to find one for herself.

Bardem plays Antonio, a filmmaker who is making a documentary about mermaids. Rueda plays Sonia, his wife, who becomes interested in the topic after seeing the film. She sets out to find a mermaid of her own, and the two set off on an adventure to find one.

The film is directed by Javier Bardem and written by Bardem and Belen Rueda. It is based on the book “When We Believed In Mermaids” by Barbara Mertz.

The film was released in Spain on March 8, 2019.

What the movie is about

Bettina (Sarah Pattynay) lives in a small town on the Oregon coast with her older sister, Kate (Christine Scherrer), and their single father, Jason (David Cubitt). Bettina is obsessed with mermaids and believes she will one day become one. Kate is a teenager who is more interested in boys and spending time with her friends than spending time with her family. When their mother died, Jason became overprotective of his daughters and has sheltered them from the outside world.

One day, Bettina finds a mermaid statue in the ocean and brings it home. She becomes convinced that the statue is magical and that it will grant her wishes. Bettina starts making wishes, but when they don’t come true, she becomes despondent. Kate finds out about the statue and tells Bettina that she doesn’t believe in magic or mermaids. This leads to an argument between the sisters and Kate destroys the statue.

Bettina is heartbroken and runs away from home. She spends the night in a cave by the ocean where she has a vision of being transformed into a mermaid. The next day, she is found by her father and sister who take her home. Bettina decides to keep her vision to herself and never speaks of it again.

Many years later, Bettina ( now played by Elisabeth Moss) is living in Los Angeles and working as a screenwriter. She is unmarried and childless, but still believes in magic and mermaids. When Bettina’s father dies, she returns to her hometown for his funeral. While there, she reconnects with Kate ( now played by Sarah Bolger) who is now married with two children. The sisters reminisce about their childhood and their mother’s death. They also talk about Bettina’s runaway episode and how it changed their relationship.

Kate tells Bettina that she never stopped believing in magic and that she thinks Bettina should write a script about their childhood experiences surrounding the mermaid statue.. Inspired by her sister’s words, Bettina starts writing the script and finally finds success as a screenwriter.

What we liked about the movie

We really enjoyed the cinematography and the overall look of the movie. The acting was good and the story was interesting. We liked that it was based on a true story and that it had a positive message.

What we didn’t like about the movie

We didn’t like the way the mermaids were portrayed in the film. They were supposed to be these magical, beautiful creatures, but they just looked like regular people in costumes. And the CGI was really bad. The whole movie was just kind of cheesy and not very convincing.

The movie’s overall message

The movie’s overall message is that we should never give up on our dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

The movie follows the story of two sisters, Sarah and Lucy, who were very close as children but grew apart as they got older. When Sarah is diagnosed with cancer, Lucy comes back into her life and encourages her to believe in mermaids again.

Sarah eventually succumbs to her illness, but her sister’s message stays with her. Even though she is no longer alive, Sarah’s dream of becoming a mermaid herself helps give Lucy the strength to keep going.

While the movie may be overly sentimental at times, its overall message is one that is definitely worth considering.

The movie’s impact on us

We all grew up believing in mermaids. Every little girl wanted to be one, every little boy wanted to find one. We all grew up watching The Little Mermaid and singing “Part of Your World.” So when I saw the trailer for When We Believed in Mermaids, I was intrigued. I knew I had to see it.

The movie is about two sisters, Josie and Miranda, who were very close as children but have grown apart as adults. When Josie comes back into Miranda’s life, she brings with her all the memories of their childhood and the belief in mermaids that they once shared.

The movie took me back to my own childhood and the times when I believed in magic and miracles. It made me remember what it feels like to hope for something that might not be real but is still possible. It made me believe, just for a moment, that anything is possible.

And isn’t that what we all need right now? A reminder that anything is possible? A reminder that we should never lose faith?

I highly recommend this movie to anyone who needs a little bit of magic in their life.

The movie’s place in the genre

“When We Believed in Mermaids” is a romance film released in 2020. The movie stars Sasha Roiz and Ser’Darius Blain. The movie follows two sisters who were once close but are now estranged. One sister, Josie, was injured in a car accident and now lives with her sister, Clare. Clare is getting married, and Josie is serving as her maid of honor. As the wedding approaches, the sisters must confront their estrangement and reconcile their differences.

“When We Believed in Mermaids” is a touching story of sisterhood and reconciliation. The movie is well-acted and beautifully shot. It’s a heartwarming tale that will leave audiences feeling hopeful and inspired.

The movie’s technical aspects

While “When We Believed In Mermaids” may not be the next big Oscar-winning film, it’s a heartwarming story that’s worth your time.

The movie focuses on the relationship between two sisters, Josie and Lily. Josie (played bySarah Bolger) is the older sister who is constantly having to take care of Lily (played by Sophie Nélisse), who is developmentally disabled. The two sisters live in a small town in Ireland with their mother, Karen (played by Juliet Stevenson).

The movie follows the sisters as they grow up and experience different hurdles in their lives. While the movie is technically well-made, it’s the performances of Bolger and Nélisse that really stand out. The two actresses have an undeniable chemistry that makes their relationship feel real and believable.

If you’re looking for a feel-good movie that will make you laugh and cry, “When We Believed In Mermaids” is definitely worth a watch.

The movie’s acting

The movie When We Believed In Mermaids is a charming and heartwarming film that is based on the true story of two sisters, who were separated by fate and then reconnected by love. The film’s acting is superb, with both sisters convincingly portraying their characters’ emotions. The film’s cinematography is also beautiful, with the mermaid scenes in particular being stunning. Overall, When We Believed In Mermaids is a touching and remarkable film that is sure to leave viewers feeling inspired.


After watching this movie, I was left feeling quite emotional. It was sad, but also inspiring. I’m not sure if it was because I could relate to the main character’s feelings of loss and longing, or if it was simply because the story was so well told. Either way, I would definitely recommend this movie to others.

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