Where Can I Watch Madea Movies?

Looking for a place to watch Madea movies? Check out our list of streaming services that offer Madea movies for your viewing pleasure.

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Where can I watch Madea movies online?

There are a few ways that you can watch Madea movies online. One option is to purchase or rent the movies through a digital retailer such as Amazon, iTunes, or Google Play. Another option is to subscribe to a streaming service that offers Madea movies as part of its library, such as Hulu, Netflix, or Tubi. Finally, you can also purchase Madea movies on physical media (DVD or Blu-ray) from a retailer such as Walmart, Best Buy, or Target.

Where can I watch Madea movies for free?

There are a few ways you can watch Madea movies for free. One way is to sign up for a trial of a streaming service that offers Tyler Perry movies, such as Hulu or Amazon Prime. Another way is to rent or purchase the movies from a digital retailer such as iTunes or Google Play. Finally, you can also find some Madea movies for free on websites that offer free movie streaming, such as Crackle or Popcornflix.

Where can I find Madea movies?

There are a few different places you can watch Madea movies. You can buy them on DVD, or you can stream them on a service like Amazon Prime or Netflix. You can also rent them from a Redbox kiosk.

How can I watch Madea movies?

You can watch Madea movies on the Tyler Perry website, where you can also buy or rent them. You can also find some of the movies on Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu.

What are the best Madea movies?

There are many great Madea movies that you can watch. Some of the best ones include:

-Madea Goes to Jail
-Madea’s Family Reunion
-Madeas Big Happy Family
-A Madea Christmas

Each of these movies is sure to provide you with laughs and entertainment. So, if you are looking for a great movie to watch, be sure to check out one of the Madea films.

What are the worst Madea movies?

Madea is a character created and played by Tyler Perry. She is a tough-talking, matriarchal figure who dispenses her own brand of advice and wisdom. Madea has appeared in a number of movies, stage plays, and television shows, and is one of Perry’s most popular and iconic characters.

However, not all of the Madea movies are equally beloved by fans and critics. Here are some of the worst Madea movies, according to critics:

” Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” (2017) – Rotten Tomatoes score: 17%

“Madea’s Witness Protection” (2012) – Rotten Tomatoes score: 11%

“Madea Goes to Jail” (2009) – Rotten Tomatoes score: 10%

Here is a list of the most popular Madea movies, in order of release date:

-Madea’s Family Reunion (2006)
-Daddy’s Little Girls (2007)
-Meet the Browns (2008)
-I Can Do Bad All by Myself (2009)
-Madea Goes to Jail (2009)
-Tyler Perry’s: Why Did I Get Married Too? (2010)
-For Colored Girls (2010)
-Madea’s Big Happy Family (2011)
-Tyler Perry’s: Madea’s Witness Protection Program (2012)
-A Madea Christmas (2013)

While all of the Madea movies are popular, some are more popular than others. The least popular Madea movies are “Madea’s Big Happy Family,” “Madea’s Witness Protection Program,” and “Madea Goes to Jail.”

What are the highest grossing Madea movies?

The following is a list of the highest grossing Madea movies, according to Box Office Mojo.

1. “Madea’s Family Reunion” (2006) – $63.1 million
2. “Madea Goes to Jail” (2009) – $41.0 million
3. “Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas” (2013) – $28.6 million
4. “Boo! A Madea Halloween” (2016) – $28.5 million
5. “Madea’s Big Happy Family” (2011) – $25.8 million
6. “Madea’s Witness Protection” (2012) – $25.3 million
7. “Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” (2017) – $21.7 million
8. “Daddy’s Little Girls” (2007) – $21.4 million
9. “I Can Do Bad All by Myself” (2009) – $21.4 million

What are the lowest grossing Madea movies?

Madea movies have been some of the most popular and successful films in the past decade. However, not all of them have been hits at the box office. Here are the five lowest grossing Madea movies:

5. Madea’s Tough Love (2015) – $25 million
4. Boo! A Madea Halloween (2016) – $28 million
3. A Madea Christmas (2013) – $28 million
2.Madea Goes to Jail (2009) – $41 million
1. Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection (2012) – $52 million

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